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Innovative, Small-Lot Wines from Napa Valley
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All the Hats
Sauvignon Blanc

This wine honors Mary's heart for her family and dedication to her work, which showed through in a lifetime of building Trinchero from the ground up.

This Sauvignon Blanc is precise, uncommon, serious, and lengthy. It’s not flashy, but is a true delight to everyone, just like Mary Trinchero. Sourced from Mary's Vineyard in Calistoga, Napa Valley, the 33-year-old certified organic vines are low-yielding and dry-farmed, offering a true expression of Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc. This wine displays intense aromatics, layered fruit, a strikingly long finish with weight, and a richness that balances the acidity.

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All the Hats
Cabernet Sauvignon

Named for founder Mario Trinchero and part of our All the Hats Collection, this wine is a tribute to Mario's perseverance and his signature style.

All the Hats Cabernet Sauvignon pays tribute to Mario Trinchero's strength and perseverance, reflecting the quintessential American dream. Sourced sustainably from two coveted estate vineyards, it showcases the distinctive terroir of Napa Valley. This balanced, elegant, and complex expression of Cabernet Sauvignon is distinguished by a distinct "old school" style, reminiscent of Mario himself.

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This wine symbolizes the beautiful synergy of Vera Trinchero Torres & Evalyn Trinchero, a dynamic duo and best friends brought together as sisters-in law.

Sisters-in-Law Chardonnay melds Old World winemaking techniques with New World aromas and flavors for a wine that is both rich and vibrant, symbolizing the beautiful dichotomy and synergy of two dynamic Trinchero women: sisters-in-law Vera Trinchero Torres and Evalyn Trinchero. This exceptional composition creates a Chardonnay above the rest, bright and lively, while elegant and understated.

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Central Park West
Cabernet Sauvignon

This sophisticated wine pays tribute to Central Park West, an iconic district in New York City and home to Mario & Mary Trinchero in the 1940s.

Central Park West, located in the heart of Manhattan, was where the Trincheros lived in the 1940s. Central Park West is aptly also the name of this vineyard, located in the heart of Napa Valley in St. Helena and produces a sophisticated, more modern style of Cabernet that beautifully integrates rich fruit and oak elements with smooth, silky tannins.

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Traces of Manhattan
Red Blend

As a nod to the imprint that Manhattan had on the Trincheros, this wine showcases a diverse and beautiful blending - the hallmark of New York City - bursting with layers of personality, vigor, and character.

Traces of Manhattan celebrates the influence of Manhattan’s vibrant landscape of innovation and energy on the Trinchero family’s winemaking over the years. Today, winemaker Landon Donley embraces the family’s commitment to innovation bringing new practices to the vineyards and cellar to showcase the finest Napa Valley has to offer. Traces of Manhattan’s blend of the five Bordeaux varietals changes every year to produce a texturally driven wine that reflects the best of both vineyard and vintage, as well as the vibrant personality and energy of Manhattan.

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Tale of Brothers
Cabernet Sauvignon

Just as Trinchero brothers Bob and Roger worked side-by-side to continue a shared legacy, our vineyards on Atlas Peak and Mount Veeder work together to bring different styles to harmony in this complex Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tale of Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon sources grapes from two vineyards at similar elevation facing each other from opposite sides of the Napa Valley, bringing different styles together into one magnificent wine. Fruit from Atlas Peak on the east side of the Napa Valley adds bold, ripe density while fruit from Mt. Veeder on the western side of the valley adds nuanced aromatics, flavors, and soft, polished tannins.

"The essence of winemaking is in the details."

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With incredible experience and education, Landon's winemaking journey has afforded him a unique and seasoned winemaking style, showcasing breadth and poise in every wine he crafts.

Whether through fate or intellectual curiosity, this expertise brought Landon to the Trinchero Family in 2020, setting into motion his next great journey as Trinchero Head Winemaker.

After earning a business degree from Cal State Long Beach in 2004, Landon began his career selling wine with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits in Southern California. Although he learned a lot about wine from selling to marquee Santa Monica and Malibu accounts, his curious spirit and scientific mind propelled him to go down the winemaking path. In 2007, he went for second bachelor's degree in enology from California State University, Fresno.

Landon's winemaking career began as a harvest intern at Molly Dooker in Australia and then Spottswoode where his potential was seen and developed by mentor Aron Weinkauf (long-time Spottswoode winemaker and Vineyard Manager). After four years as Assistant Winemaker at Spottswoode, Landon became Winemaker at Buccella in Napa in 2015. Landon joined the Trinchero Napa Valley team as Head
Winemaker in 2020. With him, he brought tremendous talent and a fresh take on Trinchero's valley floor and mountain fruit, sourcing from both estate and contracted Napa Valley vineyards. Attention to detail is at the core of Landon's winemaking

philosophy. He fashions himself more of an old-school Napa Valley winemaker and a constant learner, believing that every detail of the process stacks up to create the end product and is worthy of being evaluated, discussed and recorded. Today, Landon resides on Howell Mountain with his wife and three daughters, giving him an intimate knowledge and understanding of Napa Valley and making him an integral part of the community.

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